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Google Analytics connector


If you add one or several segment(s) in your query, a new column named segment will be added to the data. This column contains the name(s) of the requested segment(s) and the corresponding id(s).

This is useful to get several segments at once (e.g. Android Traffic(-16) and iOS Traffic(-17)) and then to create a widget with this information. For example, you can create a multicurves-chart with one curve for the Android Traffic and another one for the iOS Traffic (using the Split By option on the column segment in the widget configuration).

Working with monthly data

When you work your Google Analytics data on a monthly basis, you need to use ga:year, ga:month in the dimensions field.

In order to create widgets based on the month dimension (e.g. a curve showing the number of sessions per month), you can't just use the column ga::month in the widget configuration. As it is within the range 1-12, different years data would be aggregated in the same months.

To solve this issue, you need to define a formula (e.g. named year-month) defined as:

[ga:year] + "-" + [ga:month]