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Python script

Python scripts let you write Python code and execute it directly into the Serenytics platform. The main use case is to retrieve data from a configured data source and to execute actions according to this data. For example, you can apply advanced computation in Python/Pandas and store the results in a Serenytics storage. You can also send alert emails according to advanced computation on your data. You can also load data from any system and store it into a Serenytics storage.

A Python script can be triggered by a button in a dashboard (using an action widget). The script can also read parameters defined by the dashboard viewer in input fields. This way, you can create low-code data applications.

Input and output datasources of a Python script

For a Python script, it is important to specify its input and output datasources in the Usage tab. When you do this, the script will appear correctly in your dataflow and removing the input or output datasource will be forbidden as this script uses it.

Detailed documentation is available in the developer section: Developer doc.