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Dashboards' design

In Serenytics, you can customize the design of a Dashboard in the Theme section.

In this section, you have options to customize the global design of your dashboard:

  • The tabs' design (font size, style...)
  • The dashboard's header (background and title color)

And you have options to customize the design of your widgets:

  • The widgets' titles (font size, color, background color...)
  • The widgets' design (shadow, background color, borders...)
  • The charts' font sizes (for axis' ticks, titles and legend)

All the options of this Theme section will be applied globally (i.e. on all widgets). If you want to customize a single widget, you need to overwrite these global settings with the widget's settings. To do that, select a widget and open its Rendering section. In this section, you need to enable Use custom widget design. Then, you will be able to re-define the values of the design options and these values will be applied only on the selected widget.