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Developer Documentation

Serenytics is a data analytics platform. This means you'll gain maximum benefit from Serenytics if you need to integrate with another IT system or to automatically execute some tasks (i.e. with our scheduler or by calling our trigger API). This documentation is dedicated to guide you through these 'developers' oriented features.

As a developer, there are two main methods to work with Serenytics:

  • using our Python client
  • using our REST API

Basically, our Python client is a wrapper around our REST API. We strongly advise you to use this client. You should only use the REST API if you are working with another language or for advanced needs which are not yet available with our python client.

The Serenytics Python Client allows you to:

  • create a new data source
  • load data in a source
  • extract data from a source
  • generate PDF reports from a dashboards
  • send emails

Serenytics and Python

Working with the Python language in Serenytics is the best option as:

  • you can schedule and execute Python scripts directly in our platform. The execution logs will be available on our site. And there is no need to setup a server.
  • python has a lot of libraries you can use, especially for data processing.

Create a Serenytics account (Cloud version)

You can create a free trial account using this link.