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Python Client Changelog


Released on 2020-12-10.

This version now requires pandas==0.25.3. It allows to write/load parquet files.

New features:

  • new method get_dataset_as_dataframe to efficiently download the data from a datasource into a Pandas dataframe. The data is exchanged between the Serenytics backend by either a pandas pickle file, a parquet file (only for Redshift storage) or a CSV file. This function replaces the function get_dataset which was using only CSV formats. And in some cases these CSV format where not practical.

  • function Data.get_as_dataframe will be marked deprecated in a future version (not removed yet because it is useful to get the result of a query with options into a dataframe, while get_dataset_as_dataframe does not accept query options so far).

  • function reload_data_from_dataframe has been rewritten. It was converting the pandas dataframe to a json format and then was calling reload_data which was not optimized at all. In the new version, it uploads the dataframe as a pickle file and the backend loads it into the storage.


Released on 2018-01-08.

New features:


Released on 2017-06-16.

New features:

  • source.batch() call is synchronous by default to get errors if data operations failed.


Released on 2017-05-22.

New features:


Released on 2017-03-16.

New features: